Advantages And Tips For Selling During Summer

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The commonwealth of Virginia is found between the Blue Ridge Mountains and Chesapeake Bay. This area has housing in the mountains as well as on the beaches. It has a great climate. The winters are cold but not too cold and the summers are hot but not too hot and there are plenty of beaches and lakes to cool off in .Virginia is wine and food country with some of the country’s award winning wines.

Who wouldn’t want to live in Virginia? The forecast for 2017 is that Virginia, in particular the north, is a seller's market. If you decide to sell your home and can choose the time of year to do so, then give consideration to selling in summer. It is important that you do your research and consult a professional for advice. However there are definitely advantages for selling your home during summer season.

Gardens can sell a home

When it is summers your garden should look at its best. Your plants should look pretty in full bloom. Your lawn should be freshly mowed and looking lush and green. You should plant some additional flowers, purple asters, azaleas or roses. This will give a great first impression before your prospective buyer even enters your house.

Outdoor Living Areas

In summer outdoor living space can transform your home. Make the outdoor living space attractive and inviting. Place a small table outside with a few chairs and attractive place settings. If you have a pool area place some rolled up towels next to the pool or Jacuzzi. Make this area look appealing and you will make buyers think, “I want to live here."

Summer inspiration
People do seem to be more inspired in summers. Most homes look so much more attractive in the sunshine .The longer days (sun sets at only about 8:30 pm in summer) allows for more time for buyers to look around. There are also advantages to showing your property in natural daylight. Good weather helps buyers remain upbeat.

School Holidays

This time of year is perfect for those wanting to move particularly if you have school going children. Buyers have more time on their hands to investigate properties. There are benefits for children in relocating at the beginning of a school year.

Make your home feel like a cool Oasis

It is wise to put up your air-conditioning a few degrees. This will compensate for the opening and closing of doors and entrances. Buyers walking into your home feeling the outside heat will immediately feel calmer and look around your home in comfort. Even consider having a few jugs of cooled lemonade for potential buyers. It can be said that making any buyers hang around and spend more time in your home may help convert them to wishing it was their home.

More buyers are ready to close deals in the summer. If you are in the market to sell then start early and get your house ready to market from early spring.