Advice on new construction

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Make sure the home is guaranteed to be on time.

When looking to have a new home or condo built, there is a lack of completion when making purchases.  This can be a scary when trying to understand whether or not a home is going to be completed on time.  Make sure that when making the purchase there is a guarantee of when the home will be complete.  With a date slapped on, you can feel more comfortable about the move in process as well as the closing process.  Not knowing an exact date can cause problems when trying to close on time.  Working out an agreement between all involved parties is the best way to keep the process on track.  A specified time frame is important for success moving forward and relieved stress.


 Do not be afraid to make negotiations.

While it tends to be rumor that builders are not interested in negotiating pricing, there are options available.  If the builder is not interested in cutting the costs related to the building process, there can be negotiations made to make builders pay for closing costs and other necessary costs that come up later on in the building process.  By trying to negotiate, some of the costs can end up not riding on your back!  If you are unsure about how your builder tends to be about negotiations, turning to your real estate agent for more information can be key to making the right suggestions.  Real estate agents have a knowledge foundation regarding many builders, allowing greater insight and success during the negotiation process.


Find an agent with experience that fits your needs.

If selecting an agent with no prior experience with new construction, there can be a bit of confusion along the way.  Make sure the agent has an experience with those seeking new construction options, and ensure that the real estate agent understands your interests.  There should be an open line of communication and a complete understanding of what you are looking for.  Remember, this process is about what you want, not about what your agent wants!  Both you and your agent should always be on the same page.


Let the agent help you through the process.

An agent can represent your interests and work with the builder to help create the best possible home. A real estate agent is able to consider things such as the home’s resale value and other information.  As well, you may need to rely on the real estate agent to check out where your home is being built.  If the home is being built in a more strict community, there may be regulations and rules requiring that an agent be present in order to scope out the area.  The agent can find out all of this kind of information and guide through the different steps of new construction.  This takes much of the weight off of your shoulders and allows you to make decisions that work best for you.