Blackwater Creek Trail Review

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Very soon our days will be warming up, and a spring-like climate will begin to peek it's head! When the weather gets beautiful (like it's hopefully about to) I love going to local parks. My favorite one in Lynchburg is Blackwater Creek Trail. 

When you arrive at one of the small entrances to Blackwater you may end up looking for parking among the many visitors. Don't worry, the sense of community surrounding this park is excellent, and many folks deal with... uncommon parking procedures. Trust me, it's worth the wait to access this beautiful sanctuary.

It's located conveniently in the heart of Lynchburg City with 3 entrances as follows.

Ed Page – 1720 Langhorne Road
East Randolph Place – 340 East Randolph Place
Downtown Lynchburg – Jefferson St. and 8th St.

Once you access the trail, it's an excellent place to enjoy a variety of activities. Some of the most popular include walking and running, exercising with pets, skateboarding, bike riding, or simply strolling among the gorgeous natural scenery. The trail is simple and paved and mostly flat, not the most strenuous of courses by itself. However, there are several other trails that connect with the main trail that have more interesting terrain if you are looking for a challenge.

Some of the natural attractions are animals and wildlife, the large creek that runs along the trail, a beautiful old suspension bridge, a waterfall, and even a tunnel on the Point of Honor Trail.

We usually enter at the 1720 Langhorne entrance. There is actually some additional parking available in the Saint George Greek Orthodox church across the road from the entrance, available on non-church days. This is definitely helpful if there a bunch of people there.

When you use this entrance you can also view the Awareness garden, which was created for all those who've been affected by cancer. I highly recommend you pick up one of the brochures in the box near the garden and read up on those who sponsored its creation. The garden is a beautiful and serene area that is well maintained and clean.

When we bring our dogs, they love it! It's a great experience for them because they encounter uncommon obstacles and get used to other dogs. This helps them feel more confident on future walks and outings. One of their favorite things to do now is meet other doggies on the trail.

Once we and our dogs are thoroughly exhausted, we all relax in the Awareness Garden and just decompress. It's easy to do when it's so serene and peaceful in the area. If you find yourself hungry after all that hiking, it's off to the White Hart Cafe, just a few minutes downtown. You can find some great burgers, pastries, and other ridiculously good food there for pretty good prices.

Overall this natural preserve is one of my favorites ever, not just in Lyncburg. It's not too strenuous and the environment is perfect for a weekend hike and picnic. I highly recommend anyone in the area go take a look and try the park for yourself, I'm sure you'll fall in love like we did.