Do You Need A Home Generator?

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It is probably safe to assume that at some point in your life, as well as everyone else that you have experienced some form of power outage. Whether that be due to a passing storm or works on the electrical lines. The average person - without a back up home generator that is, is very likely to have experienced a power shortage.


A few things to think about when considering buying a home generator

First things first. In this day and age, with homes becoming automated and with so many home appliances, gadgets, etc. being electrical the number of devices that we have in our homes that connect into the mains to work is incredible. If you was asked to name them you would probably miss some out due to forgetting you even had it plugged in! Some of these things may end up being more important in a survival scenario than others.



Throughout this article I am going to use Hurricane Sandy as an example. When storms like Hurricane Sandy hit rural, populated areas they leave nothing but devastation in their wake. If and when the electrical power goes out it will of course knock out the power to your fridge and freezer also. Although yes, it is likely that your local supermarket will have backup generators and therefore its food - for a time will be fine - it is very likely that it will be jam packed with those who have also lost food due to the storm. Having a backup generator can keep your food safe.



At first with all the adrenaline pumping through your body you may not even realize, but more times then not your home will end up freezing cold. Almost to a point where you are uncomfortable and unable to stay there. Heating is a necessary luxury in a crisis situation. Power outages in the summertime can also be very uncomfortable without air conditioning!


Price vs Value

Yes, home generators have the ability to be quite pricey but the fact of the matter is. If a storm was to hit or a major power outage happened having a home generator is a small price to pay for convenience. In some cases not even convenience but some sort of stability. Knowing that your basic human needs to survive. Food, water and warmth will all be there is the worst came to the worst. In terms of a storm depending on the area in Virginia you are living you may not use it as much, but it is possible that due to maintenance works on the electrical lines you may need it more than you thought.


Peace of mind

Peace of mind is always an underrated aspect. In any aspect of life there is nothing better than knowing that you have put precautions in place to fall back on that could potentially result in keeping you and (if you have one) your family safe.

Even though they can be pricey depending on the energy you require, buying a home generator is definitely worth its price in the long run.