Easy Ways to Make Your Home Smell Great

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Real Estate

When you’re putting your house up for sale you spend days and weeks trying to get the house into the best shape possible. Cleaning, scrubbing and clearing out become part of your everyday routine and suddenly you feel like you're living in a show home. It’s a great way to help make your house look more appealing, but don’t forget about making your home smell as good as it looks! This little detail can make all the difference to people coming to have a look around. Here are a few great tips for making your home smell delicious without having to place candles on every flat surface.



I think we can all agree that nothing smells more delicious and inviting than freshly baked bread. You don’t even have to go to the effort of making your own bread if you don’t want, buying a loaf of homemade bread from your local bakery and pop it into the oven to warm up. If you’re feeling fancy you could even make some cinnamon rolls or some banana bread, warming smells that will fill your visitor with nostalgia (and probably leave them pretty hungry too!).


Stove Simmer

A simple stove simmer can make your house smell fresh and inviting, without hassle. Put a small pan of boiling water on the hob and load it up with citrus slices and herbs such as mint or lavender. The heat will help the smells permeate through the entire house and in no time you’ll be smelling the sweet smell of success in every room you enter. This little trick is a subtle way of leaving your house smelling fresh as a daisy and the person viewing it will be none the wiser.


Dryer Sheets

Fresh laundry is one of the most appealing scents known to man. With candles and air fresheners jumping onto the bandwagon it is clear how many people find this smell comforting. Taking advantage of this doesn’t need to involve spending hard earned cash on candles and fresheners, simply popping dryer sheets into your wardrobes and cupboards will help the smell subtly fill your house. Not only will the smell leave your house smelling fresh but when you next put your clothes on you’ll have that same comforting smell permeating through all your clothes.


So whether you’re putting your house up for sale or you feel like treating yourself to a sweet, fresh and appealing smell when you come home, try a few of these tricks and you’ll never turn back. Concentrate on keeping fabrics clean and fresh as these often retain smells the easiest and you’ll feel comforted the second you open your door, without overwhelming the senses. The beautiful balance of sweet smells without the chemicals of using cleaners everywhere can make all the difference when you have prospective clients coming round but don’t forget to enjoy the freshness yourself!