How to lower your electricity bill

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Have you ever taken note of how many tasks involve the use of electricity, you may be surprised at the answer. Sometimes it’s hard to imagine how people got anything done at all before its discovery! It is an amenity that is taken for granted globally, and it’s hard to imagine a world where electricity does not exist. But the question which crops up frequently is how electricity companies get away with charging such disproportionate rates, especially in the new era of renewable energy.

In the long run it is hard to say which suppliers will win out. Renewable and sustainable energy sources certainly have their place, but scientists are working on ways to make currently depleting fuels sustainable. So perhaps for now we should look at short term solutions for keeping those bills down.

The obvious option is to use an online comparison engine to check out supplier rates. These sites can be a great resourse when looking for energy deals, it is a highly competitive market and the larger energy companies frequently offer deals to new customers. If you miss a deal it is worth checking back as the same deals often creep up every few months.
One of the downfalls of these sites is that they cannot give you an accurate quote based on your personal circumstances. Many people falsely assume a fixed rate is the best option as your bills won’t increase over time allowing you to manage payments easily. But you could be paying over the odds for your consumption, certainly if you are spending a lot of time away from home or are a lone occupier. These sites also don’t give you the chance to haggle. Energy companies want your business and discussing your circumstances and budget over the phone can often lead to you being offered discounts otherwise not available. They will almost always offer rates below what you are currently paying!

Try paying attention to your routine for a couple of weeks. Have you noticed how often you leave lighting and appliances switched on unnecessarily? We don’t tend to register our energy use day to day, but over the course of a month you might be surprised at how much money you a literally throwing away by not taking the half second to switch something off.
If you have noticed your bills are unusually high, or you are going through some financial strife and need to save money, consider investing in an energy usage monitor. This handy little gadget will tell you exactly how much you are using and when, enabling you to understand your habits better and make informed lifestyle decisions. There is a great range online and in some hardware stores and they can be an asset which will help you to be more economical for years to come.

There are more ways you can monitor your usage and save yourself money on your energy bills. The internet is trawling with bloggers and informative articles on the subject and you only need to implement a few small changes to make an impact.