How To Move With Your Pet

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It happens all the time. It’s not easy for your pet to get accustomed to a new place. In fact, the entire process of moving can be pretty stressful for the poor things. They initially feel unsure about the new environment they’ll be living in. This can lead them to become erratic or fearful. If you’re not accustomed to seeing your pet in a high state of anxiety, trust me. It’s worth it for you to help get them settled in. Here are some topics of thought that can help owners create a feeling of security for their animals while they move.

Absorbing Emotions

Most pets have the tendency to absorb their caregiver’s emotions. They could be jumpy and act extra sensitive if you are feeling anxious. In case you feel scattered, your pet will feel insecure. When pets feel insecure, they will initially focus on creating a territory in their new home. This can be potentially destructive for you, if they destroy your furniture or make a huge mess. They might stay under beds or hide in their crates for most of the day. When you are working with your animals during the move, try to act normal and be confident. They follow you when you are their balanced leader.


Dogs especially can become very difficult to manage when you are moving to your new place. They become insecure of the area and bark constantly. Once again, potential scratch/mess hazards arise when the animal becomes stressed. This is usually because of insecurity. Here are some examples, following which could help your pet find comfort in the new house.

Consistent Routine Work

Consistency: It’s going to be essential for you to schedule their feedings regularly. You will also need to bounce back to your dog’s regular routine. Don’t let unpacking take priority over your animals! Make sure they get structured exercise, playtime, feeding, bedtime and affection.

Bring Their Favorite Things

Won’t you have all your personal stuff with you when you move? Just make sure to pack for your pets because they will love to have their toys with them in their new home. Maybe you’re tempted to just buy new equipment for your pets while you move. It’s better to keep their current toys and familiar smells with them. Try placing their toys about the house just like you used to in your old place. They’ll get used to it! Their familiar toys and water dishes would help them feel in control. 

Manage Anxiety Level

It is necessary to minimize the level of anxiety for your pet. There are pets who would love to stay near you no matter how busy you might be. These guys may actually benefit from some quiet time in their crates. Same with pets who might usually hide away. They could benefit from gentle and supportive introductions to their new environment. For instance, placing them in a see-through crate in different areas of the home. This gets them used to the sights/smells and gives the pet a feeling of security.

Keep Them Safe Away

You may want to consider taking your pet to another family during your actual move. They could just stay there until you have everything unpacked in your new home. This allows the pets to be introduced to a home that is set-up. No big moving objects, weird sounds, teams of people, etc. to distract or scare them.  

If you focus on keeping your pets stress level down, it will ease their transition. Stay strong with their discipline, and keep up their normal routines. You can refer back to this blog post if you are ever getting frustrated with your pets, and remember these key steps. Good luck with you and your pet’s new home!