How to pick the right neighborhood

Real Estate

When you’re moving to a new area it’s important to remember it’s not just the house you have to be happy with. If you’re in a beautiful house but none of the amenities you need are nearby then was it really the right house for you? So how do you find the right neighborhood for you and how important should it be when you’re looking for your dream home? Here are a few tips to get you on your way!


Before you even start looking for a house you need to start looking at the neighborhood. Make a list of things you can’t live without, things that would be nice and things that are less important and stick to this list. You might think you can compromise on how close the kid’s school is but an extra 5 minutes will add up over the years and won’t feel like it was worth it. You don’t want to start resenting the house you fell in love with because you wish you’d picked somewhere closer to the shops so don’t look in neighborhoods that don’t offer what you want, it won’t be worth it five years from now.


When you go to view a house keep an eye out on the other houses on the street. If you’re looking at a street where ownership is low then it could say a lot about what kind of a street the house is on. Higher degrees of ownership are also good for safety as more of a community feel and research has even shown a correlation between districts with above average home ownership and lower than average crime rates.


Viewing a house is very important and even more important is to make sure you visit at different times and days. The best way to get a true feeling for a place is to cover all the basis. There is nothing worse than moving into a house and on your first weekend discovering the bar down the road plays music until 3AM. If you make sure to visit morning, day and night and at least once during the weekend and once during the week then you have a good basis for knowing whether the home is in a good area or not.


Don’t forget to check out the crime rates for a neighborhood before moving in. The last thing you need is to move in, only to be worrying about whether someone is going to try and steal your car before the morning breaks. There are plenty of websites out there that will give you accurate and up to date crime statistics. If the statistics are going to be too much of a worry for you then the risks outweigh the benefits for moving in, no matter how wonderful the house is.