One Story vs. Multiple Story Homes

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When starting or moving your family, you need a home that is the best fit. Choosing between a one story home or a multi-story home can be a bit of a challenge. Both one story and multiple story homes have their benefits and downsides.  

One Story Homes
As of late, one story homes have become popular in the market mostly due to their aesthetics. Most potential home owners have told that they prefer the appearance of a one story home rather than a multi-story home. One story homes also provide their owners with a sort of convenience since all the rooms are all in one story. They may not boast as much space as multiple story homes but one story homes save you the trouble of stairs. If you want a quick snack you can just go down the hall instead of going all the way downstairs. Not to mention, older adults find it more difficult to move about their home if there are stairs, which is something to consider if you want to stay in the same home your whole life.

However, as time goes on, you may find find that your one story home will become more cramped. You and your family will gather more and more possessions throughout the years that will take up more and more space in your home. You do not have the pleasure of moving your family’s things upstairs when you have company either. One story homes are also not as energy- efficient when it comes to heating and cooling as multi-story homes. The roof and foundation of a one story home is more exposed to the outside elements than a multi-story home.

Multiple Story Homes
When living in a multiple story home, you have the pleasure of views of your neighborhood that may not be visible with a one story home. There’s plenty of room to spare in a multiple story house so you will never feel cramped. Your little ones will enjoy all the space to play in as well. Multiple story homes have been proven to be more energy-efficient when heating and cooling your home than one story homes with the same square footage. The multi-story homes have less of their foundation and roof space exposed to outside air preventing any of the air from coming into your home.

As you grow into your home, the staircase may become an obstacle. More often than not, the laundry room is on the first story while the bedrooms are on the second story. Laundry can become more of a chore than it already is when you have to carry up your laundry basket up the staircase. Not to mention, if you’re in your bedroom and want a glass of water you will have to go down the stairs to the kitchen to get it.  Most aging adults develop arthritis, knee or hip problems making stairs almost unapproachable. You would have the option of purchasing a one story home when you reach the age where you develop physical ailments but you’ve already invested so much in your multi-story home.