Spring Cleaning 101

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So it’s that time of year again. Spring is in the air and you’re looking forward to spending more time outdoors, pottering or lounging in the garden and reveling in the sun.

Whoa! Have you finished the spring cleaning yet?

If you haven’t, here are some tips to get you started.

Clean the windows. You want the sun shining through crystal clear, sparkling windowpanes. It’s time to get rid of any dust and accumulated grime. You’ll need a bucket of water, sponge, a rubber edged squeegee with a screw on extension to reach higher windows and a dish washing liquid.  Wet the sponge and put a few drops of liquid soap on it. Wet the window, and wipe the grime away. To finish, clean off with the squeegee, using overlapping strokes. Wipe off windowsills with a damp cloth.

Clean blinds and curtains. If you have wooden blinds clean them with a wood cleaner and sponge. For aluminium blinds, wash thoroughly with water and a mild cleaner under the hose. Dry off with an old towel. Steam or vacuum clean your curtains. If you will be changing your curtains to lighter ones for the warm months, get your winter curtains cleaned before storing.

Deep clean carpets, rugs and upholstery. If you’re doing this yourself you can rent or buy a shampooer/extractor to get your carpets deep-down clean. If you’ve got expensive carpets or rugs call in professional help. If you have upholstered furniture give them a good deep clean as well.

Clean and polish wooden floors. If you have hardwood floors do learn to clean and polish them yourself. There are plenty of tips available online. Get a good quality polish. Prep the room before polishing. Remove all the furniture and clean the floor thoroughly. If you haven’t got them already, make sure you do buy furniture pads to avoid scratching the wood. Give the floor a good clean and mop well. Allow to dry before polishing. Apply polish on small sections, going with the grain of the wood. When finished let the polish dry for at least an hour.

Take time to replace batteries. How long has it been since you changed the batteries in the smoke detectors? These should be changed at least every six months.

Clean the bulbs and light fittings. Unscrew the bulbs and clean gently with a dampened microfiber cloth. Make sure you don’t get the metal base damp. If your light fittings are glass clean with damp cloth. If you’ve got brass or metal fittings give them a gentle clean and polish.

Clean behind the refrigerator. Vacuum and dust around the condenser coils every six months to keep your refrigerator working well.

Clean up in the kitchen. Use a wash and wax floor cleaner on kitchen floors. Wash walls, cabinets and baseboards using a sponge and dishwashing detergent. On walls you can use a sponge mop. Wipe down with a dry cloth after cleaning.

There you have it. Ready to start?