Top 10 Moving Tips

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Moving home can be a scary prospect, especially if you are travelling cross country. But it shouldn’t be so. There are always details to iron out. ‘I’s to dot, ‘T’s to cross, seemingly endless reams of paperwork and phone calls. But you have the right to remain excited. You are embarking on a new adventure. A new home, new neighbors, maybe even a whole new community! You have probably already started preparing for your move, and some of these tips will be things you have already considered, but there may be a few you haven’t and it is always useful to keep a checklist.

The first thing to do when you have chosen a location you like is research the area. What are the amenities like, and how far will you have to travel to them? What is the local school like? What kinds of activities and entertainment does the area offer? These are all important factors to consider, a house you’ve fallen in love with is a great start, but how much are you going to enjoy your time there?

Check removal companies and their reviews. There’s nothing worse than carefully wrapping and packing your heirlooms and treasures only for the removal company to lose, break or fail to deliver your belongings to their destination. Fortunately, the area has plenty of reputable moving companies who will take good care of your things and meet your specific needs, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

If possible, try to spend some time in the area you’re moving to. Take a walk, have a coffee in a local café, try the local restaurants and see if the bars live up to your expectations. You’d be surprised how many movers take the plunge before scoping their new surroundings, and this can sometimes leave you feeling a little isolated in your new environment.

Make a list of suppliers and debtors to be contacted, this may seem obvious but you’d be surprised how many people fail to keep companies informed, and the results can cost you. If you haven’t already, get in touch with your chosen internet supplier and get a plan set up in your new home as soon as is possible. It will help you to settle in and keep tensions low, especially if you rely on the internet for work and entertainment.

Involve the whole family in the decision to move. Even very young children can find the experience disorienting, and everyone will settle much more comfortably if they have the chance to be involved in each stage of the process. Start packing as soon as you are ready, even if your moving date is a few weeks away, the more time you give yourself to organise boxes now, the easier it will be to unpack and settle once you’re there!

Before unpacking and carefully arranging your belongings, it might be an idea to give the house a thorough clean. We’re not suggesting the house will necessarily dirty, the majority tenants and owners will have given the place a good clean before they leave. But this ritual has been shown to reduce stress and make you feel at home much more quickly. Otherwise it can feel rather like living in a hotel for the first few weeks.

Do introduce yourself to your new neighbours. These meetings can be a little awkward and seem forced, but a strong community ethic makes everyone feel safer and more secure, especially in a new area, and you never know when you might want to borrow a cup of sugar.
Lastly, keep in good contact with your estate agent. We aren’t just here to sell you a house, we’re here to support you throughout the moving process and are a great source of knowledge. Our role is to help buyers and sellers alike accomplish their goals with as smooth a transition as possible.