What's important when staging my home?

Real Estate

When staging the home, it can be difficult to know what aspects are most important to focus on.  Simple improvements or arrangements can enhance the appearance of the already existing home. The bedroom, kitchen and the floors throughout the home are some of the most important angles to focus on.  Cleaning and making slight improvements that do not require too much cost can end up making a major impact on the perspective of potential buyers.


The master bedroom should be gender neutral.

When potential buyers are checking out your home, they want to be able to imagine themselves living there.  The bedroom should not target a small group or gender.  Limiting the group of individuals that can connect to the color scheme of the room can cause difficulty for those that fall outside of the group.  Sticking to a neutral color scheme allows the master bedroom to be embraced by all of those interested in the home.


Fix up hardwood floors.

Hardwood floors are a major selling point.  Locate the boards that are in need of removal, and only replace these damaged boards.  Rather than replacing the entire floor, which can be a major expense, sand down the floor and find a stain that really highlights the wood’s beauty.


Get rid of clutter! Open up the space.

Seeing your personal items in the home can make it hard for potential buyers to think about themselves living there.  Try to clear up clutter and personal items that are commonly found throughout the house.  If there are rather individualized wall colors, consider sticking to more neutral tones.  Your end goal is to allow the potential buyers to really imagine what their life would look like in the home.


Rid the home of pet odors and other scents caused by your living in the home.

No potential buyer is interested in a home that smells of pet odors.  If the carpet is trapping the scent of anything related to your living in the home, consider replacing the carpet.  Stick to neutral colored carpeting and make sure it correlates with the color scheme in the room. 


Update old appliances.

Seeing an old, inefficient dishwasher, microwave, or refrigerator in the home can make the entire kitchen look outdated.  While replacement appliances may seem like an expense, it is an important way to make the existing kitchen look new and interesting, rather than old and in need of change.  The kitchen is an important aspect for homebuyers and can make or break a home.


Clean up the bathroom!

Diligently bleach the bathroom and get rid of all of the damage left behind from soap scum and use.  Freshen up the paint on the walls and make sure all mold is gone.  It is hard for potential homebuyers to feel comfortable buying a home that looks as though it is not cared for very diligently.  Make the house feel like a new, comfortable space for a new homebuyer.