Where's the best cup of coffee in Lynchburg?

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When moving to a new destination or visiting an area not yet explored, it can be difficult to know where to head for a good cup of coffee.  Often times, a lack of knowing means ending up at a chain coffee location, wishing for a more unique and local brew. Below are four of the most popular, local coffee places with the best reputations in Lynchburg.  Each of the following are locally owned and operated, with coffee brewed right in town.  Fresh brews and delicious, local eats await you!


The White Hart Café


The White Hart is a home of local food and delicious coffee.  Coffee here is freshly roasted by coffee beans grown right in the state of Virginia.  The White Hart is an independent café that has a distinct house-roasted coffee.  Prices are reasonable and the café accommodates all different people.  Because breakfast, lunch, and dinner is served, the café is open morning through night. This makes it a pretty convenient destination.  Prices are reasonable, and the staff loves what they do!  The White Hart Café is also known for having live music.


Bean Tree Café


Bean Tree Café is another location making locally roasted coffee.  Coffee can be purchased to use at home as well.  The Bean Tree Café has very unique coffee and offers espresso as well.  Their cold brewed coffees are a great option for those looking for a cool, strong cup of coffee.  Bean Tree offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner, allowing it to be open all hours of the day.  This is a great location for late night coffee drinkers as there are also dessert options and can also be live music.  Coffee is delicious, and the atmosphere is comfortable.  This is a common stop for people looking to hangout and study or write.


Muse Coffee Company


Muse Coffee Company offers a variety of different coffees, and works to meet the desires of all different coffee desires.  The coffee beans used are 100% Arabica and come from all across the world.  The coffee is roasted close by the shop and is ground each day.  The employees at Muse have a dedication to brewing excellent coffee while also working to bring the community together.  Breakfast and lunch are also available at Muse. 


Joe Beans


Joe Beans Express Espresso is a locally owned company with three different Lynchburg locations.  The locations all host convenient drive-thru service, allowing coffee on the go from a local business.  Coffee has a strong, original flavor that is very appealing to the local area.  The ice coffee here has a great reputation.  Joe Beans is a strictly speedy service, and so it is only for those seeking coffee on the go.  Service is efficient, staff is kind, and the coffee is delicious!  Many Lynchburg natives head to Joe Beans every morning for a quick and delicious pick me up.